CoilCable for 3dDuo NX1000 & all other Samsung NX1000 & NX1100 Rigs

The 3dDuo CoilCable is for synchronized firing of Samsung NX1000 camera pairs and designed to be concealed in the underside cavity of the 3dDuo platform.

Works with all other twin Samsung Camera stereo rigs as well.

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CoilCable for NX1000 &NX1100 Cameras.

The CoilCable is utilized for synchronized firing of Samsung NX1000 & NX1100 camera pairs. It is designed to be routed on the underside of the 3dDuo platform. This allows the cable to remain nicely routed while cameras are abutted on the 3dDuo platform or fully separated, even when using the 3dDuo HyperExtension.

  • Features low-profile right-angle Micro-USB connectors
  • Durable and extends from approximately 11″ up to 34″* connector to connector
  • CoilCable also works with the 3dDuo HyperExtension accessory, and will work with other twin Samsung NX1000 & NX1100 rigs as well.
  • Coil diameter: .5″ (13mm)

*The 3dDuo and the 3dDuo HyperExtension accessory have built-in strain-relief exit points for the 3dDuo cable. When utilized, they prevent expanded cables (18″ or greater) from excessive pulling on the camera’s Micro-USB connectors. When using the CoilCable with other rigs, it is recommended that the each end of the cable near the connectors be tied down utilizing tape or any other method.

Additional information

Weight 11 oz
Dimensions 8 × .5 × .5 in