3dDuo NX1000 HyperExtension

The 3dDuo HyperExtension increases the stereo base of 3dDuo up to +8.5” for hyperstereo (11.125” Interaxial).

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HyperExtension Next to 3dDuo (3dDuo sold separately)

HyperExtension Shown Installed onto 3dDuo (Cameras not included)


The 3dDuo HyperExtension increases the stereo-base of 3dDuo up to +8.5” for hyper-stereo (11.125” inter-axial). Constructed of the same precision lightweight durable material as the 3dDuo platform, the HyperExtension attaches to the 3dDuo in seconds and is removable for compact carrying. This model is for the 3dDuo – Samsung NX1000 version. Note: We recommend using both hands to support the cameras during use.

  • For use with the 3dDuo – Samsung NX1000 model, and Samsung NX1000 cameras.
  • Works with the NX1000 20-50mm kit lenses, and smaller lenses including the Samsung Power Zoom 16-50mm, NX prime wide angle lenses, and all NX pancake lenses. (Not recommended for telephoto and legacy lenses).
  • Installs in seconds: snap tab of HyperExtension into end slot in 3dDuo, then secure in place with provided thumb screw.
  • Constructed from durable 3d printed polymer.

Additional information

Weight 10 oz
Dimensions 10 × 3 × 2 in