LensLink for Samsung NX 20-50mm Lenses*

LensLink allows you to link two lenses together for adjustable matched zoom settings. In addition to this, it prevents the focal setting of one lens from inadvertently getting out of sync with the other lens – something that easily happens when using zoom lenses!

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LensLink shown installed on cameras

LensLink shown with cameras set to 5″ stereo base. (3dDuo prototype shown)

The LensLink Kit

LensLink is a simple and low cost means of linking two lenses for matched zoom settings. It may also be used for matching the focusing of manual lenses.

This kit is specifically prepared for stereo twinned Samsung NX1000 cameras using Samsung NX1000 kit lenses (20-50mm)*. Lenses can be linked for use with their camera bodies abutted or with the cameras separated up to 2-1/2″ apart (which equates to a 5″ stereo base when using the NX1000 cameras). Within this range, the LensLink may be quickly readjusted as often as desired to properly accommodate stereo base adjustments. Installation is easily done in minutes and without tools!

*It will work for many other lenses as well. Contact us to inquire about linking other lenses.

This product is currently being sold exclusively by Dr. T on eBay: Click Here to Purchase

Additional information

Weight 6 oz
Dimensions 8 × 5 × .5 in