3dDuo – Samsung NX1000 Model

Dedicated twin camera mount that integrates two Samsung NX1000 cameras onto a variable stereo-base photography platform.  (Cameras not included)

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​Please scroll down for detailed description and ordering. The 3dDuo has a standard 2-3 week lead-time after orders are placed.

The 3dDuo

Cameras with Lugs Abutted : 73mm Interaxial

Rear View, Shown with Cameras Fully Abutted

With Cameras Fully Apart, 5″ Interaxial

The 3dDuo is a dedicated twin camera mount that integrates two cameras onto a variable stereo base photography platform. Now introducing our first 3dDuo platform, it is custom designed for use with Samsung NX1000 cameras utilizing 20-50mm kit lenses, or smaller lenses including the Samsung Power Zoom 16-50mm, NX prime wide angle lenses, and all NX pancake lenses. (Not recommended for telephoto and film camera legacy lenses). Click for complete chart of lenses and compatibility. The 3dDuo kit includes hardware to mount both cameras.

The following are some of the advantages of this system:

  • It provides simple stereo base adjustment from cameras touching (69mm interaxial with strap lugs removed or 73mm with lugs attached), and up to 5” Interaxial with cameras fully apart).
  • Professional appearance, and highly integrated to NX1000 aesthetics without utilizing a ‘z’-bar configuration.
  • It accommodates the 3dDuo Stereobase Extension Accessory that increases the stereo base (y-axis) up to +8.5” hyper (11.125” Interaxial)
  • Hidden cable routing is achieved via a recessed bottom cavity. Use your own cable or the 3dDuo CoilCable.
  • Both battery/SD card doors are accessible with cameras still mounted (the left camera’s door is immediately accessible; slide right side camera to max interaxial to access).
  • Sits flat and upright on tabletops with cameras attached.
  • Provides instant, perfect alignment of cameras in both x & z axis (sensor plane & vertical) every time.
  • Features robust camera attachment methods.
  • A 1/4-20 socket is provided for tripod mounting or use of a handle.
  • It is constructed with a tough, durable polymer.
  • Weighs a scant 2-1/8 oz (62g) including hardware.
  • Easy access is provided to the inverted camera’s controls (power lever and mode settings).

Note: The 3dDuo has a standard 2-3 week lead-time after orders are placed.

Additional information

Weight 20 oz
Dimensions 12 × 9 × 6 in